Utilities Department

VERNAL CITY provides the following services for its residents:


CLICK HEREfor more information on Water Fees


CLICK HEREfor more information on Sewer Fees


Each Residence is provided with one Garbage Receptacle. An additional garbage receptacle can be added by filling out a form (PDF) for a minimum of six month.G&H Garbage Website


Optional service provided for Residential Customers only billed at $10/month . (6 month commitment) To signup, click on link below:Recyclops

SIGN UP for Utility Services through the City:

Owner Application (link)

The owner of a home or business is required to fill out this application and provide document(s) of Property Ownership.

Renter/Lessee Application (link)

The renter of property is required to pay a deposit of $150.00 and provide a copy of Renter/lease document(s) from the owner/ or property management company.

**The OWNER of the property is required to apply for water service. Vernal City Municipal Code,Section 13.08