Business Licensing

Thank you for your interest in locating your business in Vernal City. A valid Vernal City business license is required for all businesses that are located within the Vernal City corporation limits.
The definition of business includes every craft, occupation, profession or activity engaged in the purpose of gain or economic profit. Our regulations are found in Section 5 of the  Municipal CodeThe purpose of a business license is to regulate and license businesses within the corporate limits of Vernal City; to determine if businesses are operating within applicable laws and ordinances; to maintain a safe environment for the general public; and to assure that zoning, building, and fire codes are enforced.

BUSINESS LICENSE RENEWAL License renewals are due January 1 each year. The License will indicate an expiration date. Renewal notices are sent as a reminder, but you are ultimately responsible for ensuring timely renewal payments. If any license fee is not paid within thirty (30) days of the due date of January 1, a penalty of twenty-five (25) percent of the amount of such license fee shall be added. 
After sixty (60) days, an additional twenty-five (25) percent shall be added.
***If your business has had one or more of the following: Location Change, Name Change, or Ownership Change, your current license if not transferable, causing the license to no longer be valid and therefore may not be renewed. A new business license application must be submitted for approval. 


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