Planning and Development

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Planning and Development is the department of City government that administers construction, development and land use within the City.  You will find the different functions managed by the different divisions of Planning and Development here.  Listed below are the major divisions within the department.
   - City Planning  This division is responsible for administering Title 16 of Vernal City Code (the City's land use ordinance) and the General Plan.  If you want to know what zone a property is in and what is allowed in that zone, this is the place to look.  Also, certain types of construction or development require a master site plan and/or a conditional use permit.  Contact this division to find out about these types of applications.
   - Building  This is the division that handles building permits.  Permits are required for most types of new construction and also for many types of reconstruction or remodels.  This includes fences and roof replacements.  Click on the link on the left hand side of this page to find out more.
   - Code Enforcement  The Code Enforcement division ensures compliance with the City's zoning ordinance as well as the nuisance ordinance.  If you have concerns about weeds, junk or abandoned vehicles on a property, contact this division.  Snow removal from sidewalks and placement of temporary signs (such as yard sale signs) is also handled here.  The link on the left hand side gives more information on the function of this division.
   - Engineering  There are a number of different areas represented by the engineering division.  Floodplain management deals with the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration) designated floodplains.  Infrastructure addresses construction or modification to City owned infrastructure (such as new sewer lines, water lines or roads).  You will need to contact this division if you need to do any work in the public roads.  Storm Water deals specifically with the Federal Government's requirements for controlling pollution from storm water runoff.  The link on the left accesses several different sections detailing these activities.
   - Hearing Officer  The Appeals and Variances Hearing Officer is responsible for appeals of land use decisions and requests for variances.