Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement FAQs



MISSION STATEMENT:       The mission of the Code Enforcement Division is to provide a safe, secure atmosphere, and enhance the quality of life in the City of Vernal, by working cooperatively with the public and businesses. Our mission is to strengthen, develop and maintain positive relations with the citizens and to promote a safe and friendly community through code enforcement and education.

CODE ENFORCEMENT VISION:      The City Council has adopted ordinances to protect and preserve our neighborhoods. The role of each code enforcement officer is to enforce city ordinances thereby, bringing properties in violation into compliance. Each officer is assigned to a district for the purpose of developing rapport with area residents and local businesses. This allows them to better understand the histories, challenges and concerns of their assigned neighborhood thereby being equipped to understand compliance issues specific to these neighborhoods.Code enforcement applies to numerous issues that effects the environment, health, safety and well being as well as property values. The preservation and improvements created by code enforcement is recognized by our government and citizenry as a necessity to halt or reverse deterioration of our community. The primary goal of code enforcement is to establish voluntary compliance through contact, education and guidance with punitive action taken as a last resort.



Typical Code Violations that are investigated by our Code Enforcement include:

                 Inoperable vehicles                                             

Section 9.76.030 Prohibitions.


    A.    No person shall park, store, leave, or permit the parking, storing or leaving of any unlicensed motor vehicle or junked motor vehicle of any kind whether attended or not, upon any public or private property within the City for a period of timein excess of seventy-two (72) hours. The presence of any unlicensed motor vehicle or junked motor vehicle, or parts thereof, on private or public property is declared a public nuisance.
    B.    This section shall not apply to any motor vehicle enclosed within a building or behind opaque fencing which is on private property or to any vehicle held in connection with a business enterprise, lawfully licensed by the City and properly operated in the appropriate business zone, pursuant to the zoning laws of the City. (Ord. 90-12 § 3) 
If you locate an abandonded vehicle you can call Code Enforcement (435) 781-7143 and/or Dispatch (435) 789-4222 to report it.  



                                             Parking Problems                                            


                                                                                        Section 16.56.410 Additional regulations for manufactured homes.


    A.    It is unlawful to maintain a  manufactured home or travel trailer or camper in Vernal City except under the following conditions:
               1.    All  manufactured homes shall be located within licensed  manufactured parks in conformance with all regulations applicable to the parks, and all occupied travel trailers or campers shall be located within a licensed travel trailer court in conformance with all regulations applicable to the courts;
    B.   Nothing in this chapter shall be interpreted to prohibit storage of a travel trailer when not in use on property of the owner so long as it is not utilized as a dwelling other than as noted in 16.56.410 (C). Travel trailers shall not be stored on property so as to obstruct the view of traffic or to create a nuisance for adjoining property owners.
    C.    All travel trailers shall be stored in accordance with the requirements of Section 16.24.152 of this Code.Travel trailers being stored may be occupied for a period not to exceed seven (7) days in any thirty (30) day period.  It is unlawful  to park a travel trailer on the public streets for a period of time in excess of seventy-two (72) hours.

Weeds, Junk, Trash and Debris  

                                                                                                                                                     Section 8.04.030 Nuisance defined and designated.



 A.    As used in this Ordinance, a public nuisance shall mean any act, thing, occupation, condition or use of property which shall be of such a nature and shall continue for such length of time as to          do any of the following:

  f.     Is un-managed and in excess of twelve (12) inches, provided that cultivated flowers, ornamentals, or food plants shall be presumed to be managed vegetation; provided further that vegetation in excess of twelve (12) inches shall be presumed un-managed (unless predominantly composed of cultivated flowers, ornamentals, cultivated wild flowers or food plants), including vegetation which interferes with or obstructs the view or passage on any street, alley or other public way.




Section 8.04.030 Nuisance defined and designated.


               A.    As used in this Ordinance, a public nuisance shall mean any act, thing, occupation, condition or use of property which shall be of such a nature and shall continue for such length of time as to do any of the following:
                      1.    Substantially annoy, injure or endanger the comfort, health, repose or safety of the public;
                      2.    Greatly offend the public morals or decency;
                      3.    Unlawfully and substantially interfere with, obstruct or tend to obstruct or render dangerous for passage any street, alley, highway, navigable body of water or other public way.
              B.    Public nuisances shall include but not be limited to the following acts, conduct, omissions, conditions or things:
                     1.    A condition that causes visual blight, is offensive to the senses, or detrimentally affects property in the surrounding neighborhood or community;
                     2.    A condition that impairs the reasonable and lawful use of property;

                     3.    A condition that unreasonably or unlawfully affects the health or safety of one or more persons;

                     7.    Accumulations of garbage in a manner in which flies, mosquitoes, disease carrying insects, rodents or other vermin may breed or may reasonably be expected to breed.

                     8.    Accumulations of refuse in which disease-carrying insects, rodents, or other vermin may breed or may reasonably be expected to breed.
                    10.    Containers with garbage or refuse which are not covered by solid, tight fitting lids or which have any uncovered holes or for which at least weekly remove of garbage and refuse is not provided;




   Semi's in residential zone        Semi Truck        Section 16.24.130 Storage of commercial vehicles in residential zones.


     A.     The storage and parking of trucks having a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) higher than 24,000 pounds or having more than two (2) axlesshall not be permitted in any residential zone  except ;  
        1.    Construction equipment may be stored on a lot when;    
               a.    An active building permit is issued for the lot upon which the equipment is stored, and the equipment being stored is being used specifically for the construction activity on said lot.
               b.    The equipment is being used for an active infastructure construction project in the vicinity of the lot.
        2.    The storage of motor homes shall be regulated in accordance with the other requirements of this title. (PZSC § 03-11-013)

       Snow violations                              Section 12.08.040 Sidewalk snow removal / obstruction created by snow removal--Enforcement.



    A.    It is unlawful for the owner and the tenant or lessee (if such exist) of property to fail or refuse to remove snow or ice from the sidewalks contiguous to the property  and in the right-of-way of Vernal City, later than twenty-four (24) hours from the time snow or ice on the sidewalk presents an unreasonable dangerous condition to pedestrians.
    B.    It is unlawful for any person to push, pile or place snow or ice onto or across any City street in anyway so that it obstructs or blocks driveways or streets or blocks the visibility of motorists or otherwise creates a dangerous condition for pedestrian or vehicular traffic. This subsection shall not apply to snow or ice removal activities by Vernal City.